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HACCP Awareness in Non-food Businesses 

Paperboard packagingWe provide HACCP awareness training for those who will be required to work with HACCP in a non-food production environment. It is a ½ day course and will be adapted to match to the needs of the specific workplace where the HACCP system is being applied.

The course puts the principles of HACCP into simple, easy to understand terms, helping production workers better appreciate their role in the management of product safety. 

We currently offer our own assessment and certification in support of this course. It is a bespoke course which can be arranged and run at short notice anywhere in the country for any number of learners. The cost of bespoke courses will be calculated based on exact client requirements.

The benefit of this training is that the business can be confident that their HACCP system is understood in an appropriate and relevant context.

Remember this course is designed and tailor-made to meet the specific needs of individual businesses.

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