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HACCP Development for Non-food Businesses

cleaning productsThis course is designed for those who are required to develop and implement HACCP to ensure the safety of non-food products. It introduces the principles of HACCP and shows how they can be applied to ensure products are safe and also to maintain public safety.

The course is ideally suited to technical and managerial staff who are expected to develop and maintain the HACCP system. In addition, it provides an ideal opportunity for managers to gain a good understanding of HACCP as it applies in a non-food context.

The workshop looks at the public safety hazards and risks that are posed by different products and the processes that must be applied to remove and manage the risks at the various production stages including goods-in, storage, processing, packaging and despatch.

By the end of the workshop participants will understand HACCP and be able to apply their skills to create HACCP plans in a non-food context.

The workshop is practically based and can be delivered over one or two days. It will allow participants to develop their understanding and skills so they are able to:

  • Explain the importance of maintaining the safety of products
  • Explain hazards and risk in a non-food context
  • Explain the principles of HACCP
  • Establish prerequisite programmes to minimise potential hazards
  • Implement the HACCP development process
  • Develop a HACCP manual that clearly defines all potential hazards and their associated critical control points
  • Link the management and control of the HACCP system to existing quality systems

We currently offer our own assessment and certification in support of this course. It is offered as a bespoke course which can be arranged and run at short notice anywhere in the country for any number of learners. The cost of bespoke courses will be calculated based on exact client requirements.

The benefit of this training is that the business can be confident that their HACCP is fit for purpose and meets requirements.

Remember this course is designed and tailor-made to meet your business needs.

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