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Quality Auditing in the Food Industry

beansQuality and quality assurance is essential to any food business and is essential to HACCP. We offer a one day course which introduces participants to the requirements of quality and quality assurance. It introduces the principles of quality standards and links these to the various processes that can be implemented to audit and control these standards. By the end of the course, participants will have the knowledge and skills that will enable them to organise, implement and report on an audit process.

The workshop is practically based and will allow individuals to develop both their understanding and skills. We can deliver this course in a general format, but our preference is to work with our clients to adapt the course to meet their exact needs, making it directly relevant to their own quality standards, specifications, and preferred audit practices.

The course will ensure that participants:

  • Understand quality and quality standards
  • Understand the principles of the audit process
  • Understand the skills of an auditor
  • Be able to prepare an audit
  • Be able to effectively complete an audit process
  • Be able to analyse and report on the results of an audit

We currently offer our own assessment and certification in support of this course. We offer this as a bespoke course which can be arranged and run at short notice anywhere in the country for any number of learners. The cost of bespoke courses will be calculated based on exact client requirements.

Book your course or speak to a Course Leader about arranging a bespoke course by calling 01379 676545.

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