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Food and Drink HACCP Training

HACCP is an essential tool for managing food safety in all food and drink businesses. Any HACCP system is only as good as the people who develop and work within it. We offer HACCP training to provide the knowledge and skills that must underpin any HACCP system.

The training courses can all be adapted to meet the specific sector requirements. For example, we have already adapted courses to support:

  • HACCP for butchery/meat processing
  • HACCP for food smoking
  • HACCP for the fish processing 
  • HACCP for animal food manufacturing
  • HACCP for the fresh produce
  • HACCP for food retail
  • HACCP for aquaculture
  • HACCP for game meat

Before delivering the course we work with our clients to ensure the context and the implementation of the HACCP principles are correct and meaningful. This means we can be clear about the context of the training, the products being dealt with, and the production process itself.

We offer a range of different types of training for those that are required to develop the HACCP system and those that are required to manage and work with the system. If required we offer access to assessment and certification to support the course delivery.

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