HACCP Developer Training.

HACCP systems need to be developed by people who have a sound knowledge of food safety and of the HACCP principles. They also need to be skilled at using various HACCP development tools.

Our standard two-day programme is designed to help participants understand the HACCP principles and to develop the skills required to create effective HACCP plans. As far as practicable the programme is adapted to account for the needs of participants and to reflect the products for which they will be developing their HACCP plans.

By the end of the two-day programme participants will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of maintaining the safety of food products
  • Explain hazards and risk in the context of food
  • Explain the principles of HACCP
  • Establish prerequisite programmes to minimise potential hazards
  • Implement a HACCP development process
  • Develop a HACCP manual that clearly defines all food hazards and their associated critical control points
  • Establish a management programme to control the HACCP system

On day one the participants will be introduced to the principles of HACCP and the development tools that are used to create HACCP plans. Participants will be expected to complete group activities to create a HACCP plan for a product they are familiar with. At the end of day one the participants will be set an assignment where they will be required to go away to either review an existing HACCP plan or to create a new HACCP plan using their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

On day two participants will be expected to present their draft HACCP plan and explain its content. They will also be expected to critique the plans produced by their colleagues. Completing this assignment review facilitates a further development opportunity and allows time to reflect on the principles introduced on day one to ensure a thorough understanding has been gained.

Finally, on day two participants who require to be certificated, they will need to complete a multiple-choice test paper.  Successful completion will lead to a RSPH Level 3 Award in HACCP Development.

Our bespoke two-day development programme offers a range of benefits including:  

  • Training delivered in a context familiar to the participants
  • The development of draft HACCP plans that support your business processes
  • Evidence to support the process of HACCP plan review
  • Certification for participants

Remember this course is delivered in a bespoke format tailor-made to meet your business needs. The delivery method is also matched to your needs. We can either:

Book your course now or speak to a Course Leader about your needs and to obtain an individual quotation by calling  01379 676 545 / 07552 021 021.