HACCP training for non-food businesses.

Our non-food HACCP training courses are always bespoke so can be adapted to support the implementation of HACCP in any non-food business. We have already adapted the materials in a range of different contexts including:

  • Chemical manufacture
  • Packaging manufacture
  • Pet bedding manufacture
  • Laundry services
  • Pest control services
  • Cosmetics manufacture
  • Cleaning product manufacture
  • Medical product manufacture

Our approach is to work with our clients to ensure the context and the implementation of the HACCP principles are correct and meaningful. This means we can be clear about the context of the training, the products being dealt with, and the production process itself.

We offer training for those that are required to develop the HACCP plans and those that are required to manage and work with the HACCP plans. If required we offer access to our own assessment and certification to support the course delivery. Please click the courses below for more information.

HACCP developer training for non-food businesses

HACCP awareness in non-food businesses